The Society Of Brothers In God was blessed on April 13, 2004. The dedication, which also had a tradition in the city and which, in some way, connects with the Trinitarian Community and its devotion to “Jesus the Redeemer of the Captives owes its name to the celebration, in the year of its foundation, of the Holy Year of Redemption.

We are a community

Because we care about developing relationships, connecting with people, supporting each other.

We are of faith

Because we are believing people. We appreciate all who live their faith. We want the joy of our faith to be contagious

We are welcoming

Everyone is welcome, without discrimination. We love having visitors and seeing new faces every week. Come we want to meet you and share a moment together.

We are diverse

We value diversity. Our “personality” as a church is wide, at the same time we enjoy the wealth of various nationalities.