The diocesan commissary is the tool through which the Foundation develops its activity, to achieve its own purposes.

For this, the commissary acquires basic food and hygiene products from a food platform and puts them on sale without making them more expensive, in a location given free of charge for this purpose.

The beneficiaries of the Commissary who have previously followed a selection and suitability process by the institutions that sponsor them,  contribute 25% of the price of the products offered for sale, while the entities that derive them complete 75% of the rest of the value of the merchandise. This allows users to acquire the products they really need, dignifying their purchase, and the Commissary performs the service of offering these goods at a reduced wholesale price and financed in three quarters.

All those who make the activity of the Commissary possible do so in an altruistic and voluntary manner, without which its ordinary functioning could not develop.